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About the prints

What's a  giclée?

A giclée is a digital print superior to old lithographs, can be done on archival paper or canvas.

Giclée prints on Epson paper or similar archival quality. Giclée prints are digital and superior to lithographs totally durable. All will be han signed and numbered. Editions always less than 100, some less. Standard size is 28x22" with image 20x22" wide easy to frame on standard size frames. Other sizes are 24x30" and 30x36". Prints not stretched on frames on mounted gator board shipped on tubes, prices $150.00, $250.00 plus shipping.

Canvas Giclées

All custom printed. These canvas giclées can be stretched on regular canvas paintings or pressed on gator boards ready for framing. Each can be customized adding touches on details on order to make each one unique. Price depends on size a 24x30" around $490.00, a larger one $600.00, $900.00 plus shipping.